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Public translations

A translation becomes public when it has the signature and stamp of the translator registered in the languages in which he or she intervenes, in strict compliance with the formalities established by the CTPCBA ( Association of Sworn Translators of Buenos Aires), in charge of legalizing the signature and seal of the professional inserted in the translation.
With his signature, the professional certifies that the translated document is authentic and that he is legally responsible for his work. In addition, he is the only professional qualified to act as an interpreter and translator in Court.
The services of a public translator are requested for the translation of any document that requires responsibility and professional ethics and a high degree of specialization.
In charge of the Public Translator Alejandra Pérez, we offer a professional service of translations in the pair English <> Spanish of the best quality, totally personalized and guaranteed, keeping all the data referring to our work and clients strictly confidential and with on time deliveries.



Translations are quoted by the number of words or folios translated, according to current values stipulated by the CTPCBA.
Fees are evaluated according to the type of work and urgency required.